Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Tropical Cyclones At This Time

This is what I like to see...

 NOAA: No tropical cyclones at this time

Yesterday it had a yellow blob over our area. We had lots of rain and even managed to collect a bit. Willow didn't like the thunder.  Last night we had an almost simultaneous flash & crash. I jumped up and looked through the deluge and saw that our neighbor's boat still had a mast and was floating... Sometimes it feels good not to have a mast sticking up like a lightning rod.

On the radio this morning they said that quite a few roads were closed on St Croix due to flooding. Seems like a good day to stay on the boat.

The weather forecast for today was intermittent sun and probably lots more rain.  Of course it will rain some more... today is the last day of the St Thomas Charter Yacht Show. The cats are running in and out, up and down, taking advantage of this morning's dry spell.

I like the Self Repair Manifesto poster that is in today's Boat Bits blog.

Just having second cup of coffee... we'll see how the day goes...