Friday, November 05, 2010

Reminder: Eastern Mountain Sports big sale this weekend

Sorry, no Friday Cat Blogging today except to say that Buffy and Willow are such good girls.  We went shopping up at Kmart & CostULess and waited for a bus forever and didn't get back to the boat until almost 4 hours late for their lunch and they didn't give us a bad time... Wonderful puss cats :)

But, I'd like to remind you that this weekend is EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) BIG SALE!! Don't you hate it when a friend tells you about an event like this on Tuesday after the fact? Bummer....

No excuses... You've been told !!!

 -The sale is over. Hope you got some good deals-

For their online sale, they are having "power deals" every three hours.  For example, right now they are taking an extra 10% off of EMS tents between 6-9pm EST. (Is it Standard Time now? Doesn't it change on Sunday at 2am?  Living in the Caribbean makes it easy... there is only Island Time... no daylight time... just AST.)

So check out the EMS sale... Maybe there's a Christmas present there for YOU or a loved one :)

They handle just about everything: Clothing & Footwear for men, women, and kids; Camping; Hiking; Bikes, Climbing; Kayaking, Water sports; Snow sports; Travel bags, packs, luggage; Yoga; Cookware; etc. They've got lots of helpful advice on their site such as "How to Choose Socks" and "Winter Cycling Tips".