Saturday, January 01, 2011


I just realized last night that today would be 1111... put the dashes or slashes according to your personal favorite date format as it really doesn't matter today.

This morning I went and read a few pages of my book and when I woke up it was 11:11 on 1-1-11... how cool is THAT! (Can hardly wait until Veteran's Day!)

Yesterday, we walked up to Pueblo to try and find some fixings for our New Year's celebration. Couldn't find the packets of smoked salmon that we are used to having, so no blinis. We miss French St Martin where we have such a fine selection of cheese, charcuterie, pastries, and whatnots. Three Kings Day is a big event in St Croix as it falls during the Crucian Christmas Festival but I bet we won't be able to find a Galette des Rois anywhere. So It Goes...

Anyway, on our way home from shopping, I looked down the street and there were two wandering horses with herons (or are they egrets?) flying onto their backs for a very comfortable perch.  The horses didn't mind.

I took this 4 second video by mistake as I didn't realize my pocket camera was set to "movie".

Here are a couple of photos...

We were surprised that it was quiet last night (New Year's Eve).  Festivities were held on the West end of the island in Fredriksted, but I still expected to hear car and boat horns, gunshots, the odd rocket, some doofus shooting off a flare... but, thank Goodness, nothing out here in our neck of the woods :)

Being the holiday season, I miss the BBC. We used to listen to the BBC daily when we lived in France and around Christmas time they would always play classic Round the Horne and other comedy radio shows.

I went to the BBC website this morning and discovered that this is The Archers 60th Anniversary... Of course, no British sailor will admit to tuning into the Archers. They only listen to it accidentally because it comes on after the Shipping Forecast, but they can always let you know what is happening if you've gotten behind... strange that :) Here's a link that Archer fans will enjoy.

We're sort of taking the day off, I'd like to watch the DVD Love Actually... I've been especially wanting to see Bill Nighy as the aging rock star, as well as the bit where Hugh Grant, as the Prime Minister,  dances to the Pointer Sisters' Jump for My Love.  Good stuff.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, prosperous, fun, and all the other good stuff for 2011...


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