Monday, January 24, 2011

Renewal of USCG Certification of Documentation - Boat Registration

This week I finally called the National Vessel Documentation Center about our boat's US Coast Guard Certification of Documentation. It expired on Halloween.  I never received a notice because the address that they sent the renewal form to last time would have forwarded it to St Maarten. But, this wasn't their fault. Everytime I would think about dealing with it I would be distracted by other things...

Monday I phoned the Documentation Center and I'm happy to say that they are still very nice folks to deal with. The first person asked for the expiration date and she forwarded my call to someone else.  That person said that I was too late to renew and only have the $5.00 late fee as I fall outside of the 45-day grace period. She transferred me back to the original woman. She told me that it was worth a try, but now I have to pay an $84.00 reinstatement fee and fill out form 1258.

So I filled out Form 1258 and the credit card authorization form and sent them via email. I requested that they reply to let us know that they received everything OK and they did!

Don't procrastinate.  If you renew on time (you can even renew early) it is FREE. If you renew within 45 days of expiration it is only $5 which isn't too bad and way better than $84...

Ms Cheapseats will definitely be on time next year :)

See previous post about renewing your Certificate of Documentation.

So It Goes...

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