Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Bareboat... Why?

What's happening?  Why are we getting an influx of bareboats coming into Christiansted, St Croix?

Bob has a BoatBits post about recent bareboat antics "How not to pick up a mooring or, getting your doofus on..." I loved the woman with the boathook telling me "It's so hard!"

That boat left before 7:30 am this morning, and the one that took over 10 stabs at picking up their mooring must have departed before I got up at 7:00... and the ball is still there!

Anyway, we were having coffee #3 on the foredeck enjoying our view when we heard a bareboat approaching. After telling them not to use the dead mooring to windward of us, they took the one right ahead of us.  Got it on the second try, too.

A long stretch but they managed

Why do they have fenders down on both sides of their boat? It doesn't give us much confidence in their skill level. Are they afraid they will hit someone in the anchorage or did they sail with them down? Very untidy, as my RYA Competent Crew instructor would have said.

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Oh no, another one has JUST ARRIVED.  Bob just told them "Guys, bad mooring" so I've got to run and see what they'll do next...

So It Goes :)