Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Beatles at the Cavern Club 50th anniversary

Today, February 9, 2011, is the 50th anniversary of when The Beatles played their first gig at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Fifty years made me feel a bit old, but then I realized that this picture was taken before I entered the first grade.

The BBC has a nice article about it here:

This week's Little Steven's Underground Garage had a Beatles first time on the Ed Sullivan theme as their first show was February 9, 1964 (47 years ago!). Little Steven's website is being given an overhaul and does not have archives of the old shows, so make sure you listen to it this week.

For you Beatle People, this is a must-have item... The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Beatles. Wow, is it a blast from the past.  Not only do you have the Fab Four, but you get the entire shows with other acts such as the  impressionist Frank Gorshin (The Riddler on Batman 1966-67), for example. We bought ours from