Friday, February 04, 2011

Honeywell HW2000i Generator Inverter - Part 2

Yesterday we received the carb elbow for our new Honeywell HW2000i generator-inverter. Thank you very much, Tom (Fall Mountain Small Engine in New Hampshire).

You can read our previous installments here:
We went and bought new oil and gasoline, then Bob replaced the carburetor elbow. Started up after a few pulls and it is running our battery charger.

Doesn't seem much louder than our Honda EU2000i. I thought it was going to be twice as loud.

Click on the photos below to enlarge...

Here's the damaged elbow on the left. On the right, you can see the damage to the ribs on the inner side of the covering panel where I assume that somebody was in a hurry and gave the panel a good whack to close it rather than seating it properly... Maybe it was the last unit of the day.

Interior of cover panel / Broken off carb elbow part attached to motor block

New part installed / "Old" carb elbow as it arrived new in the box

Of course, the Honeywell has a different orientation than the Honda so we'll have to position it differently. The Honda has its control panel on the front with exhaust in the back and the pull cord on its starboard side.  The Honeywell has its control panel and pull cord on its port side and exhaust in the back. So It Goes...

And it is going!  It has been running for a bit over an hour (knock on wood!).

Tomorrow we will try to charge our 48V battery bank...

By the way... Gas is going up at St Croix Marine on Monday by 19 cents.  Today's price (February 4th) was $3.65/gallon and the last time we bought gas on January 6th it was $3.35/gallon.