Sunday, March 20, 2011

Don't Miss Super Perigee Moon Tonight - Get Your Moon Music

Tonight, March 19th 2011, will hopefully be an excellent, clear night for stargazing as it is the night of the Super Perigee Moon. It will appear to be the largest moon in 18 years. The last time this happened was in March of 1993 (has it really been 18 years???) and this time it's bigger!

Willow & Buffy will be watching with us

We're definitely going to take a look... Might even have to have a second sundowner so we'll be outside for the moonrise.

Here's a good source of info for this occasion from NASA.

Want to get some music for this lunar event? Here's some MP3s from Amazon to check out:

 ... and many, many, many MORE...

Eldorado to the Moon always makes me smile :)

Here's a 14-second video of the Super Moon from where we are anchored in Gallows Bay, Christiansted, St Croix, US Virgin Islands.  Sorry that it's a bit shaky but it was a bit bumpy with the swell coming in. Still photos were worse :)