Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

The other day I looked at an unused sheet of stamps that I had bought years ago, Pacific Coral Reef, and noticed that it had a lionfish. I mentioned this to a charter yacht friend (Sandcastle) and took a picture of it today so I could email it to her.

I took several pictures some with flash and some without because of the glare off of the plastic covering.

After I downloaded the photos to my computer, I deleted this one (the first in the series) because of the glare. I looked at them again and noticed something bizarre...

Click image to enlarge

What is that in the upper right quarter of the page? It looks like a cat looking up some steps with a door or window in the background.  Where did this come from? There's nothing that this is a reflection of. There is nothing on the plastic wrapping that had been transferred from being pressed up against it. It is not part of an image left in memory of something gone before.

Here's the next picture I took...

No cat or weirdness here.

A bit spooky, non?