Thursday, July 07, 2011

National Macaroni Day - July 7th

Today is National Macaroni Day. We had macaroni salad for lunch :)

You might want to check out SERIOUS EATS for macaroni suggestions.

This afternoon we will be on the prowl for kitty litter. When we went out to K-Mart last week they only had one 30-pound box of kitty litter and that was way too heavy to carry about a mile to Cost-U-Less (which was out of litter) where we had to do some grocery shopping.

So, we'll see if ACE has anything at all... We are desperate and will even use clay, non-clumping litter. If not, maybe Pueblo will have something tomorrow to hold us over until we can get back out to K-Mart.

When does the next kitty litter container arrive on island???

UPDATE: We went to ACE (Gallows Bay Hardware) and they had 50-pound bags of Tidy Cat Clay (non-clumping) kitty litter for $9.99. We would have bought it and Bob was willing to hump it home, but what would we do with the extra 45 pounds? We'll get whatever Pueblo happens to have and if they don't have any we'll check at the little stores along the way.

We had a beautiful sunset but I knew it wouldn't last long enough to get my camera, plus quite often the camera just can't capture the magic.

So It Goes...