Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New WiFi equipment soon come... So Excited!

I'm so excited. Yesterday we ordered some new wifi equipment that will hopefully improve our internet experience.

We have had a 500mW Alfa USB adapter (AWUS036H) for quite awhile and it seems to work well and the people we've met who use it love the little fellah. Our problem with it is that we need to share our connection and this USB unit won't connect to our router. (We've been using an Engenius EOC-2610 for several years).

A couple of months ago I discovered that Alfa now makes a router/access point for their AWUS036H unit. Hurray!!! Then I lost the info and couldn't find it again until last week...

So, before I could lose it again, we ordered :
  • 1000mW version of the Alfa USB adapter which has both the 5dBi antenna and a 9dBi antenna
  • Alfa R-36 For AWUS036H and 3G USB Mobile WiFi Router
I thought about trying the 2000mW version of the Alfa USB adapter (AWUS036NH) but I was told that it wouldn't work with the R-36 router.  That made my decision simple :)

Now we will be able to do away with our ethernet cords which will make us more mobile and also reduce the wear and tear on our computers' ethernet sockets.

Isn't it maddening when the little plastic do-hickeys on the ethernet plugs break and the cable slips out and you keep wondering why "You are not connected to the internet".

So it comes soon...