Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Let's celebrate and have BLUEBERRY waffles today!  It was a cause of much joy and happiness when we saw that Invest 94L has disappeared from the storm maps.

Much Nicer !

We don't like to go run and hide if it's not necessary (but we do believe in being prudent) because H-Holes are usually buggy and nasty... plus, I don't know what the WiFi situation is like over there.  One thing that was very worrying about this possible storm threat was that some of the projected paths had it go to our north, while others had it passing to the south and, of course, there's always one that goes right over the top of where you are!

I found Dr. Jeff Master's Wunderblog quite interesting yesterday (August 13, 2011):
Tropical Storm Franklin, the sixth named storm of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season, formed this morning in the open Atlantic north of Bermuda. The usual date of formation for the 6th storm of the year is September 8, so we are well ahead of climatology. However, the usual date for the first hurricane of the season is August 10, and we still have not had a hurricane yet this year. All six of this year's storms have been tropical storms, making 2011 the first season since 2002 when that has occurred. Franklin is headed eastwards out sea, away from any land areas, and does not have long to live. 
So, it looks like we will be able to stay put and make some progress on our mast today. We have some mail coming this week, too. How exciting!