Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sensible PFDs (lifejackets)

We needed new PFDs (lifejackets).  Our inflatable PFDs with harness that we bought back in our European days, died a few years ago. I wore mine constantly during our transatlantic crossing and it was very heavy and chafed.

A couple of years ago we bought new inflatables with harness which are nicer but, as they are not USCG approved, we have had to buy this sort to be legal.

We also have a pair of these in our dinghy. I must make a cover for them soon because they don't last long exposed to the elements and UV.

Today, I'm excited because we have bought a pair of new USCG approved lifejackets, the MTI Calcutta Angler PFD.

These are cool because they have pockets and the fit allows movement. Here's their blurb:
This all-person-fit jacket is all-equipped for kayak fishing! Sized to fit slim to super-sized torsos, with cool open sides, and adjustable front buckle straps that can be loosened for quick ventilation. Five pockets for holding all sorts of fishing gear -- 2 big tackle-box cargo pockets with 2 interior pouches, plus an exterior mesh pocket. D-rings front and back, a lash tab, and a pin-on retractor holder for attaching accessories like pliers, a fly-patch, or net. Reflective trim for safety and hook-resistant shell fabric.
If they only had a built-in harness...

So It Goes...