Thursday, November 17, 2011

MAIL CALL: New keyboard cover, Kindle, and DVDs

Yesterday we stopped by to pick up our mail. One package was my new keyboard cover and it is so pretty (it is a darker blue than in the photo below).

My computer looks new again... although I have to put some new tape around the edge of my MacBook's top case where the edge has broken away. This is due to Apple's design fault where the two little ridges above the monitor will eventually crack the case where they touch when closed. I should have had Apple replace both of our top cases last year when they were still under AppleCare but I thought our policy had expired the year before. It can be difficult to keep track of things when you are on Island Time.

The protective cover only cost a couple of dollars... Well worth the investment to keep my keyboard clean and DRY! The skin is very thin and doesn't cause difficulties in typing. No problems installing it either. It fits over the keys without any problem. The letters on the keys below do not show through. It gives the impression that the keytops are blue. You cannot really see that it is a covering... Very cool...

I ordered mine through "Listen Up" and received it via 1st class mail within 3 days to the USVI. It came in a perfectly-sized manilla, non-padded, flat envelope.  I am very happy that it was OK because one of the DVDs we received has a big dent in it.

See the dent at about the 5 o'clock position?

My picture to show the bump on the opposite face didn't come out too well but you can see that it is definitely not playable.

Since this was ordered through Amazon, I'm sure we will have customer satisfaction and either receive a refund or replacement. (UPDATE: Received my refund the same day I notified them of a problem! Unfortunately, the seller doesn't have a replacement)

I sure love my pretty keyboard... it is helping to keep my mind off of the ^%#&^% wifi "service".

The Kindle is also very cool but I'll talk about it in another post.

The swell has calmed down a bit this morning but it is picking up now after the RAIN! OK, so we can't epoxy because of the threat of rain, but you cannot go on to a different project that requires the use an angle grinder when the roll is tossing you from side to side. I'm more into the "safe and sane" firework mindset rather than "dumb and dangerous"... What's another day... especially when our internet service is so slow and time consuming :)

We'll go into Christiansted this afternoon and get a couple of jerrycans of water and check the mail for more DVDs.

This water is the "good" water (left) we get from the Bucaneer Yacht-less Club on the boardwalk.  A little bit brown and we need to backflush the filter as it is clogged, but it is much better and cheaper (10 cents/gallon as opposed to 15) than the water we would get at St Croix Marine fuel dock (right).  Gives the coffee a nice, rich color :)

Speaking of clean water, you might be interested in Gifts of Hope on the site

So it goes...