Sunday, December 04, 2011

Caturday & First Day of ZAPPADAN

Today is the first day of Zappadan to celebrate everything Zappa!

Frank Zappa died December 4 (1993) and was born on December 21 (1940) and thus explains the dates of the Zappadan season.

Oops, it's not Caturday... it's Cunday!  Cilly me...

Way back when (hint: Carter was still president), we spent a night at the Edgewater Inn in Seattle because this hotel sounded so intriguing in "The Mud Shark"... It's true, you could get bait & tackle and fish from your hotel room but unfortunately we had a view of the parking lot and the only waterfront we had was a wet carpet from a leaky window :)

from Amazon and let the festivities begin !