Friday, December 23, 2011

Tablets & Smartphones

I've been thinking about buying a smartphone sort of thingy just so I can use it for testing website developments. This would do the trick, I think, and it is relatively inexpensive. It's not a phone, per se, but I only need it to view the internet and don't want phone service with a data plan. Then again, maybe I should get an Apple iPod Touch.

But a full-on tablet would be neat, too. I could also use it for testing websites and applications, plus it might be handy when we have to use wifi ashore (like McDonald's in St Maarten). It would also be useful to have it set up as a GPS to use while sailing. Navionics has an app that looks interesting.

But what tablet to buy? Which have built-in GPS? We've heard that you have to be careful in buying Android tablets because many won't allow upgrading to the next version of Android and then new apps won't run on your old OS, etc.

The flavor of the month seems to be the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer but maybe I should just stick with Apple and get an iPad2. Might cost a tad more but is probably better in the long run. There's a nice waterproof case for it as well which would be a prudent investment.

Today I found this GPS Bluetooth receiver on Amazon which will be very handy for lots of you... Check it out!

It's a real crappy day here. We actually have Christmas winds. I haven't seen Xmas winds in years as we seem to get them in February. It is very windy with white caps and the occassional rain shower in the anchorage in Gallows Bay.

Bought a Warren Zevon album (The Envoy) to cheer us up!

So it goes :)