Friday, February 01, 2013

New Cat Tunnel Toy has arrived from Amazon!

Yesterday we walked up to the post office to find that the Cat Tunnel Toy we ordered from Amazon has arrived!

Last night the kittens enjoyed playing with the various Amazon boxes. This morning we opened up the tunnel, placed it on the bed, and they had a frolicking good time.

Buffy loves the little dangling dingle balls inside the tube. I wonder if they are loaded with catnip.

This tunnel is 50.5 inches long and the interior diameter is 9.5 inches. The tube has two oval holes on the top with a dingle ball dangling inside from each one. One end has a cuff/sleeve so you can "daisy chain" them together. Appears to be very well made and is a good price.

Buy one as a Groundhogs Day present for your furry feline friends. Suitable for ferrets, too!

So it goes...