Monday, February 17, 2014

Testing...Tsunami Warning

This morning while having morning coffee in bed, there was a series of amplified tones coming from the shore. We could hear the warning tones but didn't catch the message until the third time that it was a test (and only a test) of the tsunami warning system.

Tsunami sign on St Croix, USVI

Our cats heeded the message, headed to the high ground of a cabinet, and were anxiously looking about waiting for us to do something.

Boat Bits has an interesting link to an article titled: Deadly Caribbean Tsunami Risk Overlooked

Actually, we have been having tsunami-size wakes from the mini-cigarette boats all morning as this is a holiday and also the last day of the St Croix Ag Fest.

W O W... Did we just get tossed about! It was one of those dump everything that's not bolted down onto the floor type of wakes. I grabbed on to the computers while Bob tried to control the knocked over coffee pot and other stuff (a hurtling cabbage is quite a scarey thing).

After basic damage control I ran outside and it appears that it was one of the ferries that are transporting people over from St Thomas to the Ag Fest. Fortunately, it only happens once a year and this is its last day.

Here comes another one... Battle stations :)

So it goes...