Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yet another disturbance... 96L (updated)

Well, fortunately the previous possible storm, 94L, just fizzled out due to dry air and wind shear.

But now there is 96L.  Doesn't look like it will cause us any harm but we will still be placing two extra anchors today because you just never know what the butterflies will do...

The models have been creeping northwards and we hope this trend continues. Here's the 8am models (8/21/2014) from

2 pm update:  Both cats came outside while we were setting out our storm anchors. Willow seemed very anxious. She is very sensitive about storms. I'm hoping that her actions were not saying "big storm soon come" but instead "there is a can of tuna on the table... open it... feed me".

It's summer... So it goes...