Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Installed New LED Masthead Tricolor Navigation Light

Today's accomplishment was installing the new LED tricolor masthead navigation light that we mentioned in a previous posting.

Bob did most of the work, while I just took care of winching him up/down the mast, keeping an eye out for boats who like to make big wakes in the anchorage, and doing some gophering.

Bob also took this opportunity to replace the VHF antenna. Unfortunately, or actually it was fortunate, he noticed that we need to replace two bits of the standing rigging... oh well, so it goes...

We were lucky that we finished up before the Air France flight took off, as that might have been a tad uncomfortable up there on top of the mast when they pass overhead. Sometimes they shake the boat!

When night fell, we went to check the new lights. Not a very good photo but as you can see, we were successful! The light on the lower part of the mast is reflective tape that was shining due to the camera's flash.

One more thing off "The List". Hurray!