Friday, June 27, 2008

Good day for the kittens!

Buffy & Willow really made out today. We went and picked up our mail today and there were cat goodies!!!

I was a bit disappointed with the cat harness/leash combo as it wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a harness that we could put on them while we were sailing and then have an optional leash. Well, the harness has a long "tail" on it that the leash snaps into. It works great for going walkies usage but not just for hanging out, if you know what I mean. Here's a picture of Willow that might give you a better idea.

Perhaps we can modify it somehow. Hmmmm, we need a cunning plan!

... Later that day... Well, I've been pondering this a bit and I think they just have to grow into them a bit. I did buy the large model as their present girth size was the lower value in the size range for the large. If their chests were bigger, then the part that goes around their neck would have to become larger which would make the "leash tail" shorter. So, either they have to get implants or I'll temporarily shorten up the long bit so it won't dangle and get caught on things. Buffy & Willow are only 7 months old and they are still growing like wildfire...

Have a good one... It's FRIDAY!