Thursday, April 30, 2009

St Martin Marine Flea Market May 2,2009 LAST ONE OF SEASON

This Saturday (May 2, 2009) will be the LAST marine flea market / boat jumble of the season at Time Out Boat Yard, near Sandy Ground bridge, Marigot St Martin.

It begins at 8am and is FREE for sellers and buyers!

We'll have stuff there, such as:

  • XANTREX DR2424 Charger / Inverter (24Volts) - Works great. Loved it, but we no longer have 24V system. Adjustable up to 70amps. We plugged it into our Honda 2000i generator and it worked finest kind.
  • SSB set up: ICOM M600 transceiver with AT120 automatic tuner - We bought this from a boat who's family insisted that he buy a new radio to cross the Atlantic, because he was in his 80s and they worried. I would have kept using the tried and tested unit that worked just fine rather than install a new unit which may have problems & that I wasn't familiar with... especially if over 80-years old. We've had it in storage and have not installed.
  • Lots of other stuff such as 110V guitar amplifier, washing machine, fishing lures, bits & pieces!

Hope to see you there.