Saturday, April 18, 2009

TIME OUT BOAT YARD St Martin Sandy Ground Marigot

I was checking my pockets before throwing a pair of shorts into the laundry bag and I found a business card for Time Out Boat Yard. They are nice people so I thought I should post the information here.

Time Out Boat Yard is on the right hand side of the Sandy Ground Bridge channel as you are LEAVING the lagoon and heading out to Marigot Bay. It is just before the bridge and across from PolyPat Boat Yard who are also nice folks. We used PolyPat's wifi service when we were anchored in the bay just outside of the bridge last year.

Sandy Ground Bridge
Phone: 05 90 52 02 88
Fax: 05 90 52 02 89

French & US Navy Antifouling
Marine Paint - Resin - Fiberglass
We like this shop. We bought our antifouling from him as we've been told that it's very effective and it's a good price. We will apply it soon, so I hope it's good stuff. He also sells epoxy, polyester resin, and all the assorted stuff that goes with it, from mixing pots & paintbrushes to fillers & fabrics.
Phone: +590 690 55 65 41

I spoke with him at the last marine flea market / boat jumble. He had a good attitude. Doesn't do sail repairs but makes cushions, etc.
Cell: +590 690 36 23 36

Other businesses:

Greg Mecanique - 0690 58 72 49

MarinElect 0690 54 27 00

I'm never sure about the French-side phone numbers... the country code is 590 and if you are dialing from a Dutch-side phone you must enter the French-side country code and leave off the leading zero, so it should be +590 590 52 02 88 for Time Out and I think if you call within the French side you leave off the country code of 590 and put a zero in front of the number... Time Out would be 0590 52 02 88, for example. Hope this is right. If it doesn't work try, try again :)

Maybe we'll see you at the next boat jumble which should be Saturday, 2nd May 2009.