Thursday, February 25, 2010

George Harrison's birthday Here Comes the Sun

Today would have been George Harrison's 67th birthday (born: February 25, 1943).

I remember way back when, sitting in the kitchen as a kid with my Mom's radio playing Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and wondering what would become of the Beatles when they reached that unimaginable age. I recently heard Ringo Starr on Little Steven's Underground Garage and Ringo is still going strong (Ringo will be 70 on July 7th).

One of the things I would do towards the end of each winter was to play the various Beatles "sun" songs (Here Comes the Sun, Good Day Sunshine, etc.).

So, for those of you who need a little sunshine and the positive vibes associated with it all, have a listen.

You can download Here Comes the Sun from Amazon for only $0.99 which is well worth the 3-minute song and the lasting after effects it provides.

More George Harrison's mp3 HERE: MP3 - George Harrison Albums