Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Experience OFFSHORE MARINE St Thomas USVI

We had a good experience yesterday that I'd like to share...

The day before yesterday we lost overboard the piece off the end of our dinghy pump hose... you know, that special adaptor necessary to inflate your Caribe dinghy? Bob is very good at finding things underwater but we couldn't look for it right away because we were going to catch a bus to go up to the mall.

Yesterday we went to St Croix Marine and they didn't have the Caribe adaptor as they are not a Caribe dealer. We then went online to check West & Defender.  Then we decided "What the heck? Let's call Offshore Marine in St Thomas and see what they have to offer."

Chuck in the parts department was very helpful. He said that they had just received a shipment of these thingies the previous day. Well, that's handy for us! As we are in St Croix, Chuck drove down and put it on the seaplane. Such service! The seaplane is still only $10 to ship a small package like this. It is faster and less expensive than Express Mail.

So, thank you Chuck & Harold.