Saturday, March 13, 2010

Apple Core... Baltimore.... Who did this?

You know how things just pop into your head and you wonder where it came from?

Well, I just asked Bob to throw away my apple core and this bit from a cartoon was half-way remembered... I know it was from a Bugs Bunny-type of classic cartoon. So, instead of it driving me nuts, I'm currently online so I just Googled "apple core baltimore" and it came up with answers, plus this from YouTube

It's a Donald Duck cartoon with Chip & Dale? Well, it's two chipmunks anyway... It's dated 1951 so it's older than ME!

I read that it was one of those kids games, but not one that I knew of and I come from apple country!
Eater: “Apple core!”
Friend1: “Baltimore!”
Eater: “Who’s your friend?”
Friend1: “Him!” and points to Friend2
Eater: Throws apple core at Friend2
Thanks, Google