Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gray day in St Croix

This morning while still in bed, I looked up at the hatch above my head and saw GRAY. It looked like it was going to snow but there wasn't that crisp, chilly feeling to the air. This is what it looks like now.

Not one's idea of a Caribbean day

It's good for doing internet work.  I can't believe it is only 10:30am and that I've accomplished so much.  Maybe because it is such a HO-HUM day.

Bob just poured the third cup of espresso, so after we drink that, we'll try to make plans for the day.

It was raining a few minutes ago, so I put a plastic storage box on the bed to catch drips.  Buffy is looking at it because she has really taken a liking to it.  I place it on the salon table at night so she can sleep in it.  It has been very comfortable for her as it has been very rolly the past few nights. Willow, on the other hand, is hiding under the bed.  Nowadays, since Hurricane Omar, she runs for cover when it starts to rain hard.

We have given up on watching the TV series 24, season 5, (which we have only viewed once) because we have more bad discs. I don't understand why though. They have problems with accessing the 3rd and 4th shows on the discs. They are the large 7GB discs so maybe they have a glitch with doing the second side.

We are now watching the 2nd season of LEVERAGE instead.

Hi, me again... I forgot about another little rant... I went outside to take my "wintry" photo this morning and my camera wouldn't work as it was demanding that I feed it new batteries. OK, I gave it two brand new fresh AA Energizers that I've bought within the last 2 months.  I take about a dozen photos and already the battery warning icon is flashing at me. We have a couple of nice DSLRs but I like having this little Canon digital pocket camera because it is easy to carry and fast to point and shoot. But, if it doesn't work due to battery issues, it is not worth carrying about as it's not doing its job of being there when a good photo opportunity presents itself.

Vivitar has a "cheap" underwater camera, but it only has a digital zoom. It claims to be waterproof to 10 meters (about 33 feet).  Fujifilm has a waterPROOF digital camera with a 3x optical zoom. It is supposed to be waterproof to 10 feet (careful, not 10 Meters as camera above). But, that's OK as I'd only use it for snorkelling and more important when in the dinghy getting a bit of spray or when it is raining. Oh well, not going to waste time looking at cameras today... many other things to do :)