Thursday, July 15, 2010

That's entertainment... DVDs

Last November we bought Seasons 6 & 7 of the TV Series 24. We decided to watch Seasons 1-5 before watching 6 & 7.

So, the other night we were down to the last two episodes of Season 4 and the disc has unrecoverable file errors. We tried the DVD on two other computers and it was the same story. We tried to rip it but it couldn't read the file structure of the disc. Bummer.

We then started Season 5 which had a little recap of what happened in Season 4...  we saw that they killed off Jack and then managed to get this Energizer Bunny up and running again. Everything was fine until the 3rd episode on the 2nd disc.  CTU discovers where the nerve gas is located but upon opening the cases, they see that the canisters of nerve gas are missing. Then the show stalls with the "spinning pizza of death" cursor on the screen, and finally DVD Player crashes. Same thing again and again. This afternoon I thought I would try to run "tonight's" disc on my computer to make sure that it was OK just in case our DVD player says there is a problem when we watch it tonight as maybe the DVD player is causing the disc to be damaged. No, that's not the case because when I tried to play the last episode of Disc 3 on my computer (before running it in the DVD player) it said "skipping over bad sectors". I tried to rip it but that didn't fix anything. Couldn't watch the program.

What to do? We've only watched this series once and there is no evidence of scratches or mold/mildew on the DVDs.

Large TB hard drives are now more "affordable" so perhaps we should rip all of the DVDs (hundreds!) to a hard drive. But that still doesn't solve the problem of not being able to re-watch this series.

Shucky-darn... So It Goes...