Monday, July 19, 2010

Tropical Wave passing through St Croix today

Yesterday we had the beginnings of a tropical wave start to pass through.  I'm glad we popped over to the supermarket in the late afternoon (plus we each had an ice cream bar to celebrate NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY) to get some lunch fixings for the week.

This morning started out nice and blue. Looks like the system has passed. A bit later we hear the grumbling of thunder. A few drops of rain... Willow hides under the bed while Buffy stays outside in the shelter of the upside-down dinghy on deck.

Then Bob notices that the tropical disturbance is now labelled INVEST 97. It is up and a bit to the left of us, off the eastern tip of Puerto Rico... This weekend Puerto Rico had a waterspout that then went on land as a tornado which upset the kickoff of a sailing rally.

Image from Wunderground

It's raining pretty heavy now. Willow is tucked up under the bed and Buffy has come inside and is napping. I hope Kerry & Bazza have managed to get everything done to button down Promenade in Puerto Rico before flying to their Pied-à-Terre in California for the summer. 

Maybe we'll do an inside project today... sew something? We'll see...

Should dig out a couple of Beatle songs like RAIN and GOOD DAY SUNSHINE ???

Willow just came out from hiding. The rain has stopped... for now. Still some thunder. One good thing about not having a mast is that we don't have this tall lightning rod saying "me, me, over here!"

Oh my gosh!  That loud CRACK! was close... Willow just went way under the bed.  I might join her :)