Saturday, December 25, 2010

Attention: Browncoats, Firefly & Castle Fans

This morning we did some Christmas shopping on with a gift certificate we received, and we were shocked to find that Castle Season Two was only $14.99.

Wow, such a DEAL !!!  Last time we looked it was $39.99... That's a 62.5% discount.

Mr & Ms Cheapseats did not have to ponder over this purchase very long... We might be cheap but not stupid :)

Thank you, Santa!

So, all of you Browncoats, Nathan Fillion, Firefly & Castle fans, if you don't already have this DVD buy it now as maybe this is a seasonal sale.  If you already have it, buy both Season One (also $14.99) and Season Two for a deserving friend.

I forgot to order the books, Heat Wave and Naked Heat which are the Nikki Heat books the character Richard Castle is writing in the television series.  Should be interesting.  Oh well, next order :)

These books are also available on Kindle...

We need to get an e-reader... See Bob's Boat Bits post: Tis the season for e-book conundrums...

Happy Holidays!