Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with a twist, plus a few treats

Looking for some different things to do this Christmas and not the same old same old?

Here's a suggestion from those wild & crazy guys at Epic Meal Time... their twisted variation of a gingerbread house, including an interesting Jack Daniels eggnog :)

This is kind of cool...
and then, since we miss France:
plus, a couple of classics:
or how about:
or maybe:
I also found a few Christmas twist songs! Why? It's fun...

See Bob's Boat Bits blog for his Some Handy Hints for the Holidays post and watch the "A Very Zombie Holiday" instructional video.

For my fellow Beatles fans, you can find the Beatles Christmas recordings HERE

If you have forgotten someone on your Christmas list, or someone gave you a gift and you now need to buy them something (oops!), how about an Gift Certificate.  I know I would certainly appreciate one... hint hint...

So, dress up your cat, dog, ferret in their festive togs, grab a hunk of bacon, put on some Christmas Motown tunes, and enjoy a game of A Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly!