Thursday, December 23, 2010

Easy Honda Generator Oil Change

Last week we received our new doo-dad for our Honda EU2000i generator. It is a stainless steel extender that goes on the oil fill to make draining the oil much easier and mess free.

Bob decided to change the generator's oil Monday afternoon.  I took a couple of photos of the device before using it and then did other things while waiting for Bob to change the oil so I could take some pictures of the process using the new doo-hicky.

After awhile when I finally checked to see what Bob was up to, he was just putting the oil away. There was no swearing or other telltales that he was in process of changing the oil. I missed my photo-op but I'm not complaining as the results were fantastic. The newspaper under the generator did not have a drop of oil on it.

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This is a "must have" for any Honda generator owner. Check it out at Amazon.