Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Come on, I just like Casio watches...

I love Casio watches. The ones I buy are inexpensive and do the job. I currently wear a LW-201 but my normal watch for the last 30 years is more like this one... the Casio F-91W.

 Casio F-91W - Buy yours now from Amazon!

I like this watch. It's small enough to not be clunky and catch on everything. It has features I like such as a backlight, beeps on the hour if asked to, and shows date & time. A countdown timer would be useful, but, for less than $12, I won't complain.

Plus, I always love this bit... "water resistance to 50 meters (165 feet) -- suitable for swimming but not for diving." I guess you can use it at a depth of 50m but not in a water environment :)

It has been in the news lately that this is a preferred watch of Al Queda and Taliban members. Read the Boing Boing post: Gitmo interrogators: Casio F-91W digital watch is back pocket hanky code for "I'm a terrorist"

I think everyone should buy one of these nifty, sturdy watches to protest against government profiling... Come on, it's just a watch... What percentage of consumers who bought this model of watch are terrorists? This really makes me angry, but I'll spare you any more ranting :)

You can buy your watch (less than $12) here on Amazon. Get one for your ferret, too.  It would go great with this outfit...

Remember the bit from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles where they try to barter a Casio for a hotel room?  Great movie!

So It Goes...