Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gasoline Prices at fuel dock in St Croix, US Virgin Islands

Yesterday we bought 4.5 gallons of gasoline at St Croix Marine in Christiansted, US Virgin Islands and surprise... the price has gone up yet again!

Fortunately, we don't use much. We have a 5HP two-stroke outboard motor and we only use it 2 or 3 times a week. Our new Honeywell generator doesn't seem to take as much fuel as the Honda. We've had many cloudy days so it has been necessary to run it more to keep up with computer consumption.

2011 (price per US Gallon):
  • May 17: $4.55 (a 21+% increase in 5 weeks)
  • April 23: $4.25 
  • April 7: $3.75
  • Feb 4: $3.65
  • Jan 6: $3.35

Diesel is currently (May 17 2011) 10 cents cheaper than gas at $4.45/gallon

At least their water has been a bit cleaner lately :)

So It Goes...