Friday, December 22, 2017

I love our new watermaker - Seawaterpro

In the beginning of November when we arrived back at our mooring in St Croix after Hurricane Maria, we were unable to fill up our jerry cans with water. We had been filling up at the "Mile Mark" dock but it washed away in the storm. We even tried St Croix Marina but no luck.

Fortunately we had bought a reverse-osmosis watermaker this past summer from  It is easy to set up in the cockpit and we run it with our RYi2200 Ryobi inverter-generator. We have the generator at "full-tilt boogie" and do not use the eco setting so it will always deliver full power to the high-pressure pump and not trip its fancy ground fault-detecting plug (this happened twice on eco mode).

Here's a YouTube video about this unit:

Wow, clean, fresh water and pretty much hassle free. Much better than rowing over to the gas dock and waiting to access the water which we would then have to filter once getting it back to the boat.

Mike, owner of SeaWater Pro, is exceptional and has always been patient with my questions whether by phone or email :)
  • Great price ($1495 for complete setup), 
  • Great service, 
  • Great water.
We have used our watermaker regularly since our return. We plan to permanently install this unit but right now it doesn't take long to set up and break back down and put away in our cockpit locker. We rinse the unit with about 5-6 gallons of freshly-made water at the end of each session and run it every 5-7 days.

Check it out...

Doing the happy dance!

All the best...