Friday, March 06, 2009

More Heineken Regatta 2009 Bits & Pieces

More bits & pieces about what's happening around us in Simpson Bay and the Heineken Regatta 2009...

Here's a picture I took last night of Buffy out on patrol to keep an eye on the crowd of boats that are around us.

Buffy is still doing crowd control this morning. She is very outgoing and always says hello to people who stop by. Willow is a bit freaked out by all this activity though :)


Yesterday, Dash came back after racing to find that someone is squatting on their moored anchor. The thieves were not aboard, of course, and were still not back several hours later. Come on guys, this just isn't on. What are you thinking? We're going to keep an eye out today to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Dash & Squatter

Boats this morning ended up a bit close to each other. This tends to happen when everyone is bunched up and the wind and swell shifts.


We just heard on Island 92 radio that there was a report of a dismasting off of Pelican. Hope that's just a rumour, but we did see a few dismastings last year.

We did have a pretty rainbow this morning just after the boats started to head out. We've had a few squalls since then.

Photos by Paradise Connections ©2009 - Please do not use without permission.

Have fun, everyone. Be safe!