Sunday, March 22, 2009

SPOT Personal Locator Beacon - Special Offer

UPDATE, 8 June 2o09: SPOT special rebate offer, see post HERE

Yesterday, Bob blogged about SPOT, What is SPOT? SPOT, although not an EPIRB, is a very handy device... We ordered one yesterday (Saturday) and we hope we do not get an email tomorrow saying that they can't deliver to a PO Box... Fingers crossed :)

They define SPOT as a Personal Locator Beacon, and also as a handheld satellite communication and safety device.

There is a special offer which is valid March 19-27, 2009 where you can basically get the SPOT unit for FREE. Go here for details: Note the Promo Code because you will need this when you order.

When we ordered the unit, it gave us the total of $300-ish but after filling out the credit card info and the Promo Code on the 2nd page, the confirmation page (3rd page) showed the correct adjusted total.

You will be sent a Gift Certificate to use when you are ready to activate the service. There is an inexpensive insurance that you can purchase at the time of activation that we will probably do as well.

We plan to sail up to Newport, RI later this spring and this will give my brother peace of mind that we are OK & it will be fun to follow our progress. Maybe our GlobalStar phone will work and we can speak to him from time to time :)

GlobalStar... now there's a rant I can do!!!

It's another beautiful day in St Maarten.