Sunday, May 10, 2009

St Martin - Clearing In and Out on the French side

Yesterday we went into the Marina Port La Royale, the marina INSIDE of the lagoon, to get a couple of jerry cans of water.

Marina Port La Royale, St Martin
(Capitainerie - Water Dock - Click for larger image)

While I was waiting in the Capitainerie office, I noticed that someone was checking out. So, I learned something new! You can clear in and out of both marinas. He wanted to get his passport stamped so he'd have all his i's dotted and t's crossed when he enters the USA. Of course they can't do this at the marinas and he was told to go and see the immigration folks over at the Gare Martime where the Anguilla ferries are (where the "official" port office for clearance is located).

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The Capitainerie at the Royale marina opens at 8 or 9am (can't remember) until noon and then 3-5pm, Monday through Saturday, closed on Sundays.

So, if you want to check out on Sunday, do so the day before or go to the other marina in Marigot Bay, Marina Fort Louis.