Saturday, July 11, 2009

Such a pleasant surprise... I got a refund

I had a nice surprise today...

We've been getting our water at La Port Royale, the French marina on the inside of the lagoon. I think it might be a little bit less expensive than getting it at Island Water World and it is generally a much more pleasant experience.

French St Martin La Port Royale Marina Capitanerie

Last week when we filled up some jerry cans of water I thought it cost a bit more than usual, but I thought that maybe they hadn't read the meter correctly at the beginning or perhaps their addition was wrong. Not enough to even mention. "Tant pis" as they say... Good will is much more important than a buck.

Well, today we dinghied over to Port Royale to get a couple more jerry cans filled. When I went inside to pay, she opened up an envelope with $1.43 and told me that she overcharged me last time and here is my change. My Gosh!!! I really didn't expect this... That they would set the money aside for me was so, so incredibly nice.

Unfortunately, they do not sell fuel at the marina but there is Cadisco which is between the marina and the "dead end" channel (with a gas station & US Import supermarket dinghy parking at the end of it) which is before the channel to the Sandy Ground bridge.

French St Martin Cadisco Fuel Dock in Lagoon

They sell water at the gas station but it is NON-POTABLE and it is the same price as "good" water. Today gasoline was $0.79 per litre... it is over $1 on the Dutch side.