Friday, July 31, 2009

Whale-look yacht - Thanks Jamestown Distributors

This was a very interesting post we saw on the net today:

Evolution gone crazy - $95 million super yacht resembles whale

You've got to check out the photo. It's a different looking megayacht which is fun!

This post was on the Jamestown Distributors' blog.
The thing that is saddest about not sailing up to New England this summer (plans change, must be flexible) is that we won't be visiting Jamestown Distributors in Rhode Island.

When we were building the Philip Bolger designed Loose Moose 1 & 2 in Paris France, we had difficulty finding some bits & pieces and Jamestown Distributors was an excellent resource for us and we had no problems with shipping. This was pre-internet and pre-fax time 1986 to 1990-ish. Remember Telex?

So, just wanted to show you this different boat and say thanks to Jamestown Distributors. Hope to see you sometime :)