Monday, August 03, 2009

Frustrating day

It's been a frustrating day. This morning we went to the BluePoint computer store (St. Maarten) to get replacement RAM for Bob's MacBook. Last Monday when we were there trying to sort out the issue with our WiFi Engenius Bridge that they've had since the beginning of December, they said to bring in the MacBook and they'd swap out the RAM. So we did.

It only took 45 minutes in the store (which is an amazingly short period of time for a BluePoint session) just to find out that they do not have the RAM in stock, but they should have it in a day or two. We've heard that before :) Well, that was a waste of $6 bus ride and a few hours of our time.

I could go on about BluePoint but should I? Probably not. I'll probably go ballistic and rant on this blog next time we go there to get the RAM and see (maybe) what they propose to do about the 3-month old Engenius Bridge we took back to them for warranty way back in December, nine months ago...

Then, this afternoon we declined a charter booking through a travel agent who really just doesn't get it. We want happy clients and for them to have a good yacht charter experience. We care about our clients which obviously too many companies just don't.

But, we did go to Radio Shack and they had what we wanted. Yippee!!! Happy Dance time.

Blondie, a twitterer I follow, fellow blogger (My View from 30,000 feet), and cat person, will be arriving by cruiseship tomorrow in St. Maarten. Welcome, Blondie! Hope you are enjoying your cruise.

So, the sun is definitely over the yardarm, it is after 5pm HERE, nevermind the "somewhere", and I'm going to make some popcorn to go with our sundowner.