Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Honesty, it's so refreshing!

This morning we went to fill up a few jerrycans of water and gasoline. We arrived at the Port Royale marina at 8 minutes before noon and I was happy that they let us get some water just before they closed for lunch. (76 litres = $2.35)

Then, we went to the Cadisco gas station to fill up two 5-gallon jerrycans of gasoline (essence). We got a bit over 20 litres for $16.75 ($0.82/litre). I paid the guy $17 and started to get back in the dinghy. He told me I had paid him too much. A $20 had stuck to the $10. How super nice... He didn't even think about it, just spurted it out as soon as he noticed. Gold stars!