Friday, August 14, 2009

Where the heck is that one coming from?

Today we went into Philipsburg and bought a new unlocked, tri-band cellphone as ours was getting rather dodgy, we had a successful stop at Radio Shack where the they had 3 out of 3 things we wanted (hurray!), then we did some provisioning as we are probably going to scoot out of St Martin ASAP. Plus we took our laundry in to Yvonne at Bobby's boatyard in the lagoon. She's doing us a favor and will have it ready for us by 10am tomorrow. She said that we'd have to fold it, but that's not a big deal. Thanks, Yvonne!

We went by the BluePoint computer store and definitely got NO JOY there. Those guys do not understand anything about customer service and customer satisfaction. Enough of them for now. We'll leave that for another day. We do NOT recommend them though.

So, after putting stuff away and having a bit of quality time on the foredeck, we just looked at to see if there's been any change in their forecast. Looks just about the same as in this morning's post below...


Then I scrolled through the next few frames and the last frame (NEXT Saturday, 22nd August 2009) showed a surprise... Another purple blob. Where the heck did that come from????

So It Goes... and goes... and so do we!