Friday, August 28, 2009

Wreck shifted in St Martin Lagoon

We were surprised to see that this wreck which used to be up against Explorer Island in Simpson Bay St Maarten / St Martin and then last year moved across the way when it dragged its mooring in Hurricane Omar, has shifted.

It used to be parallel to the shore but after the night that ex-Tropical Storm Ana passed through, its bow is now angled out away from the shoreline.

There was that workboat that worried us who was moving about and couldn't seem to settle anywhere. After shooing him away from us by turning on our deck lights he went over by the wreck but had moved again by morning. Did he tie up to the wreck and shifted it? The amount of wind was certainly not enough to do so.... I hope it won't go "walkies" in the next big blow we get.

This boat eventually tied up to the wreck's old mooring. They left last Sunday (hurray). Seemed like OK people but we worried about their holding. We noticed yesterday that the line on the bouy has been cut, so hopefully nobody will tie up to it again as it is probably unsafe.

We don't like things that go bump in the night :)