Thursday, September 03, 2009

Aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika

I'm really exhausted. All of this uncertainty about Tropical Storm Erika must have affected me more than I realized.

I got up at 2am and looked at the latest forecast and it hadn't changed much. Storm center directly south of St Martin at about 133 miles or so if I recall.

Last night we had a constant strong breeze with some gusts, some whitecaps and not much rain. Happy about that and now I can catch up on some quality snooze time today.

These photos were taken a few minutes ago at 1:40pm EDT.

It is gray and looks kind of like a winter's day.

We had tomato soup for lunch... Soup & Sandwich just like the old Campbell's commercial :)

Our friend Kerry, owner-operator of one of our favorite charter yachts Promenade (contact for info) just wrote to us from their hurricane hole. She said that she's "Bored and hot. Hardly any rain so far. Hardly any wind. We have had more on a normal day. Going to go out and look at the seas by dinghy later on this afternoon, as I can hear them."

So, hopefully that's it for Erika. I haven't read anything about the storm but according to the NOAA track it appears to have gone over Guadeloupe with 40MPH winds. Can't complain too much about that.