Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sailors report in Latitude 38's "Tsunami Devastates American Samoa"

The September 30 2009 'Lectronic Latitude has a very interesting post Tsunami Devastates American Samoa concerning the 8.0-magnitude earthquake.

Latitude 38 has reports from various sailors in the area:
  • Australian singlehander Nick Jaffe of the Contessa 26 Constellation, 
  • John Neal and Amanda Swan-Neal of the Port Townsend-based Hallberg Rassey 46 Mahina Tiare, 
  • Eric and Emmy Willbur of the Pt. Richmond-based Flying Dutchman 37 Nataraja, 
  • David Tyler and Fran Flutter of the UK-based Tystie, 
  • Kirk, Catherine, and Stuart McGeorge aboard the USVI-based Hylas 47 Gallivanter.
One "good" thing is that it happened in daylight. The earthquake was at 6:48am local time.

I just started following @WWWayne on Twitter as he is Tweeting from his boat LTY in Pago Pago. Says he'll write up details with pictures soon on his blog but I expect he's pretty busy with other things right now.