Friday, September 25, 2009

Way to Go, Palau - Shark Sanctuary

I heard this mentioned last night on the BBC World Service and found their article about it this morning.  Palau is to create the world's first shark sanctuary,  banning all commercial shark fishing in its waters.

Palau is hereby awarded a gold star. We appreciate your effort! Best of luck in the UN General Assembly today!!!

By Richard Black, Environment correspondent, BBC News website
The President of the tiny Pacific republic, Johnson Toribiong, will announce the ban during Friday's session of the UN General Assembly.

With half of the world's oceanic sharks at risk of extinction, conservationists regard the move as "game-changing".

It will protect about 600,000 sq km (230,000 sq miles) of ocean, an area about the size of France.
President Toribiong will also call for a global ban on shark-finning, the practice of removing the fins at sea...
... Palau has in recent years regularly sided with pro-hunting countries such as Japan. Mr Toribiong told BBC News that before going to New York for the UN General Assembly, he had planned to "state to the world that Palau will revisit its current position" on whaling.
For those of you interested in the subject of sharks, their plight, and their importance to world ecology, you might wish to view Sharkwater (2006) by Rob Stewart.