Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Laundry & Prices on St Thomas, USVI

This morning we went to Crown Bay Marina to do our laundry to find that they are closed for renovations for another couple of weeks.  So, we walked our clothes to the laundromat right across from Nisky Center, which worked OK as we wanted to go to Radio Shack to buy a new multimeter.

Speaking of multimeters, we went to Radio Shack the other day to buy new batteries for our current Radio Shack multimeter but the set of three cost $15.  The new unit we bought today (batteries included) came to $23.

Back to laundry...

This laundromat was very clean and airy. The machines appeared to be in good nick and they have several large tables for folding. There is a soap dispenser, too. The manager was nice and helpful but a bit tedious with his instructions on how to use the machines but I understand that...

The machines take quarters and they have 2 change machines that will change up to a $20 bill.

They have 5 or 6 standard top-loaders in the back for $3.50

The front loaders:
  • small = $5.00
  • medium = $6.75
  • large = $11.75
Unfortunately, they didn't say how many pounds or kilo machines these were, so I can't tell you.

The dryers were $0.25 for 4 minutes. Worked well.

We then stopped in at Gourmet Gallery to pick something up for lunch. I was thinking about lettuce for our sandwiches but at $2.75 for an iceberg lettuce, I passed.  We got a dozen large eggs for $4 and a 6-pack of pita bread for $2.

Prices in general are higher in St Thomas than St Martin.  Beef is cheaper.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Home Depot and Cost-U-Less. Not sure if that will be $1 or $2 on the safari bus.  Where is the breaking point? I know Tutu is country, but is that the beginning of the country designation? We'll see.

Going to return DVDs to Blockbuster and get a few more.  Monday through Wednesday if you rent three or more "non-new-release" DVDs (the DVDs in the center part of the store, not including TV shows) they are only $0.99 each. Such a deal!!!

We are also going to take jerrycans for water and gasoline over to Yacht Haven marina to top up.

It is a nice sunny day to hang out our laundry.