Monday, November 23, 2009

St Thomas Sunday - Promenade is here!

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the local K-Mart and bought a few things, then we went to the fuel dock at the Yacht Haven Marina.  They are open until 4:30pm on Sundays so that was useful.

We got a couple jerrycans of water ($0.20/gallon) and some gasoline ($3.37/gallon). This time we asked for a receipt :)

We also went to Wendy's because we wanted a Chili & Cheese baked potato.  Again, they didn't have chili... I don't know about potatoes :)

Just as we were returning to So It Goes, Bob sees a schooner and then he recognizes that it's the trimaran Promenade... COOL!

My camera was having problems, but you can still make it out OK

They were anchoring right behind us so we told Lisa who had just dropped the anchor (of course) that DPNR made us move from there and they should move up a bit. I hoped they didn't think I was trying to get rid of them :)

Later, Lisa & Rich came over in the dinghy.  Buffy was very friendly and played with Lisa.  Willow even got up the nerve to come out a couple of times and check things out.

By the way, Promenade is still available for New Years!
PROMENADE (trimaran)
10 guests maximum
Open for New Years on or after Dec.28th through Jan.4
Rate: $15,990/wk for up to 10 guests - Lowered rate!
This low rate is also in effect for open dates in January 2010.
Contact Paradise Connections for details.