Sunday, November 22, 2009

St Thomas USVI Saturday: Tutu Park Mall

Yesterday, Saturday, we went up to the big "country" K-Mart at Tutu Park Mall.

Again, it was a bit of a disappointment... at least it wasn't as busy as I expected for a Saturday. The only thing we bought there that we couldn't get at the smaller "downtown" store at Lockhart Gardens was a couple of pairs of shorts for Bob. They have more magazines at the big store but not really any more products that we could get excited about.

We walked down the mall and went into FootLocker but there's one across the street from where we are anchored... need new sandals... Bob's Columbia Sportwear sandals fell apart before their time awhile back and I noticed that mine have just (I hope) started to have that sandal smell.

We went to the video/music/game store near the end of the mall but we were not really in the mood. We get most all of our DVDs and music from Amazon.

The food court was sad. Only two choices and neither were appealing.

We then went outside and around to the Plaza Extra supermarket. We were told that they were better/cheaper than Pueblo, but we didn't find that to be the case. We did buy a pumpkin pie ($4.99) and enjoyed that for our lead up to Thanksgiving.

We popped in and out of Western Auto and also Office Max.  Boring!

We caught a ViTran bus back downtown with our one shopping bag.

At least it is nice to know that we haven't been missing anything :)

We'll hit Cost-U-Less for a bit of provisioning the day before we leave towards Antigua.